The 2019 American Red Cross RCG Blood Drive

Sep 13, 2020

This week we were extremely fortunate to be able to partner with the American Red Cross for our first every blood drive! Our employees were outstanding – not even a full 24 hours after we announced we were hosting this event, they signed up and put us at the max capacity that the Red Cross could handle.

Here are some of the statistics from just a 6 hour donation period:

— We had 41 donors

— 43 units of blood were donated

— Up to 3 lives can be saved per unit – resulting up to 129 lives saved!

We are proud of our employees for rallying together on quick notice to make this happen! We look forward to doing more drives and opening it open to the community in the future!

We also want to thank the amazing staff of the American Red Cross, for making this process as seamless and smooth as possible!

Donations like these go to local places, like hospitals, first. After the local needs are met, any additional units may go to disaster relief, like those affected by the recent hurricane.

For more information on the American Red Cross or how you can donate: