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RCG mvps! sept. ’22 through dec. ’22


February 1, 2023


Congratulations to our MVPs!

RCG mvps! Jun. ’22 through aug. ’22


september 21, 2022


Congratulations to our MVPs!

The History of Plastic Injection Molding


August 15, 2022


Check out our take on the history of plastic injection molding.

RCG MVPS! Sep. ’21 through Jan. ’22!


February 28, 2022


Congrats to all of our employees!

Reed City Group’s 2021 MVPs: July, August


September 30, 2021


Congrats Jeff and Alicia!

Reed City Group’s 2021 MVPs: May, June


July 30, 2021


Keep up the great work!

MEet our newest Mold maker!


June 25, 2021


Meet Matt, a 2nd gen mold maker..

Congrats on retirement, Chris Raymond!

May 24, 2021



Over two decades at Reed City Group…

meet our 2020 April MVPS!


May 24, 2021


Congrats to our maintenance department!

Reed City Group’s 2021 MVPs: jan., Feb., March

April 23, 2021


Our MVPs at Reed City Group!! 

Our 2020-2021 Safety Slogan! 


April 20, 2021


Safety is important…

Meet our new Journeyman mold makers!  

April 16, 2021


Congrats to Mike and Glen!!

RCG Retirement: Ron Marek and Greg Gydesen


January 27, 2021


Congrats to these two!



March 24, 2020


During challenging times like these, it’s good to…

Americans are Used to Rising to the Occasion…


March 20, 2020

We can get through this…

October and November MVPs at RCG!


December 12, 2019

Opening a new office is always exciting! 

September 2019 MVP at RCG: Rich Fuller


october 31, 2019

See this months MVP’s

Think More, hurt less, 2019-2020 SAfety Slogan

 October 30, 2019

Safety is important in any environment….

The August MVP at Reed City Group


September 25, 2019

The August MVP at RCG…

The 2019 American Red Cross RCG Blood Drive


September 13, 2019

RCG is a proud partner of the American Red Cross

The July MVP at Reed City Group


September 9, 2019

Check out July’s MVP!

Reed City Group’s june mvps


August 23, 2019

Recent MVPs!

RCG’s Chris Ward Showcased with MIWorks!

August 8, 2019

Reed City Group’s Chris Ward, honored at MIworks!

RCG Awarded Going Pro Talent Fund


July 26, 2019

A monumental award for RCG!