September 2019 MVP at RCG: Rich Fuller

Oct 31, 2019

The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that an MVP can be defined as: : “the player who contributes the most to his or her team’s success”.

At Reed City Group, we are team in every form, and each of our “players” are extremely crucial to the overall success of the company. Each month, we aim to spotlight those that have gone above and beyond in contributing to our team’s success. These people naturally go out of their way, for the better good of everyone, without initially knowing how much their contribution means. Their leadership qualities are a driving force that motivate those around them to be better.  Here are our most recent MVPs!

Rich Fuller: September

At Reed City Group, Rich works hand in hand with our automation team, focusing on massive garage door manufacturing and hydraulic press machines. These machines run thin material through them, and decoratively stamp the material that will eventually go on a completed garage door. Along with working on various projects in-house that he works on, he is responsible for traveling to customers across the country to assist in builds, rebuilds, regular maintenance, and service calls! Often times he gives up nights and weekends to ensure top customer satisfaction, and is one of the main drivers behind successful service! Great work, Rich!