RCG’s Chris Ward Showcased with MiWorks!

Aug 8, 2019

Michigan Works is now offering on-site success coaches across the state for local companies. This success coach program is focused on assisting in those life challenges that may impact work life, and removing/improving those so that work life is smoother and more efficient.


Recently, Reed City Group partnered with MiWorks to provide this success coach program to our employees. Here, they can strategically speak with the success coach about the possible life improvements they can make, which in turn helps make the work environment healthier.

After a successful first few months of our program, MiWorks invited one of our very own employees, Chris Ward, to be showcased in front of the Michigan Works Board, filled with numerous people across the state. Chris got the opportunity to talk about his positive experiences with his own coach, Mark Buss, and was able to promote the program to both the board and the other meeting members from around the state.