Reed City Group’s 2021 and 2022 MVPs

Mar 16, 2022

RCG MVPs: Sept ’21 to Jan. ’22

The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that an MVP can be defined as: : “the player who contributes the most to his or her team’s success”.

At Reed City Group, we are team in every form, and each of our “players” are extremely crucial to the overall success of the company. Each month, we aim to spotlight those that have gone above and beyond in contributing to our team’s success. These people naturally go out of their way, for the better good of everyone, without initially knowing how much their contribution means. Their leadership qualities are a driving force that motivate those around them to be better.  Here are our most recent MVPs!

Ranee Charles: Jan. ’22

In the month of January Ranee has stepped up to ensure that our new medical molding area is cleaned to perfection. As we continue to expand, Ranee plays a vital role to assist in maintaining our cleanliness quality specs. She is always doing whatever it takes, especially while keeping it clean while we’re under construction. We appreciate this effort! Way to go, Ranee! 

Victor Arnold: Dec. ’21

In December, Victor went beyond normal work requirements to meet our goals on a holiday weekend. Working that weekend ensured our customer got their product as soon as they needed it. Great work, Victor! 

Josh Dubreuil: Dec. ’21

In December, Josh went above and beyond to work over a holiday weekend to get a job done for a customer. Dedication to making our customers happy is great, and we appreciate Josh stepping up to make sure  we completed the order! 


Pete Humanic: Dec. ’21

Pete was also on the holiday weekend crew to ensure our floor was completing orders for our customers on time. We appreciate Pete for going above and beyond to meet our goals. Pete and the team are great role models! 

Jesse Letter: Nov. ’21

Jesse is always a great team player on our second shift plastics crew! In November, Jesse stayed beyond his required shift to ensure that operations were running smoothly and that all shipments were complete before he left. Jesse is always in more than one place at once, and his effort and motivation are always appreciated! Great work, Jesse! 

Brittani Mcrimmon: Oct. ’21

With all the new expansions in our Life Sciences and Medical operations, having great leaders is key to success. Brittani has gone above and beyond in managing this growth by taking charge in that area. The time and sacrifice she puts into this expansion does not go unnoticed. Great work, Britt! 

Clint Mund: Sep. ’21

Clint is a long time mold maker and handyman here at Reed City Group. Back in September, Clint went out of his way to help our engineering group on some new project builds. His expertise and quick response is unmatched, being able to help build a machine in just 4 days. We appreciate you and all of your skills and willingness to step into any task that you are asked to complete, from building a wall to engineering a machine.