MVPs: Sept ’22 through Dec ’22

Feb 1, 2023

RCG MVPs: Sept ’22 to Dec ’22

The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that an MVP can be defined as: : “the player who contributes the most to his or her team’s success”.

At Reed City Group, we are team in every form, and each of our “players” are extremely crucial to the overall success of the company. Each month, we aim to spotlight those that have gone above and beyond in contributing to our team’s success. These people naturally go out of their way, for the better good of everyone, without initially knowing how much their contribution means. Their leadership qualities are a driving force that motivate those around them to be better.  Here are our most recent MVPs!

Fran Carpenter: September ’22

Thank you for taking time out of your day to find a missing Job Book and Gage Bin! These resources are crucial in ensuring the Quality of RCG products, and your help in finding the lost resources helps to protect our standard of quality.  

Hailey Antrup: October ’22 (not pictured)

Thank you so much for working as a team player. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to you for all the hours of over-time you have done and are willing to do. The training you did with Kaylee, and the time you will be doing with Devon in training for QA inspection. I don’t think we as a team would have made it through this month of craziness w/o you doing your part. We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to make sure we as a team succeed.

Pat Fleming: November ’22

Thank you for always going above and beyond, coming in on weekends, and helping keep the rest of our team on track. 

Larry Matzen: December ’22

Thank you for changing the way our shop looks. We have never seen our shop this clean. It does not go unnoticed how good it looks, even our customers are taking notes on it.